The Termite Squad:
My Official And Authentic Report


The Termite Squad is America's secret political assassination program, transforming hospice-bound elderly women into suicide bombers. That’s right: They take 100-year-old great-grandmothers, strap them into a weaponized wheelchair, and park the geriatric martyr next to a worthy target.

But a woman named Joan Galt has changed all that.

And she’s ready to tell her story.

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a note from the author


When I wrote "The Termite Squad" and shared it with my literary agent, he felt that it could be "a very big book." In the world of publishing, that means best-seller, movie deal, mainstream media coverage. We soon learned quite the contrary: the New York publishers I've worked with throughout my career loved loved loved the book. (You can read some of their glowing testimonials on the back cover.) They just had no idea how to sell it.
"The Termite Squad" doesn't fit neatly into any one genre; it employs and subverts and plays with several genres, failing to be an easy-to-categorize widget. That makes it tough to sell to folks looking for, say, Science Fiction, or YA.
If you're looking for a label, maybe we  say "The Termite Squad" is Possibility Fiction (as opposed to Speculative Fiction). Until they make a shelf for that in whatever bookstores remain, let's just call "The Termite Squad" it's own thing.
This is my 10th book. I knew it should be shared, and it should be shared now, because "The Termite Squad" is all about now, even when it's not. I was ready to virtually give it away. Then the lads at Eggy Press saw the . . . possibilities. And for that we're grateful.
Enjoy "The Termite Squad."

- Michael Konik


What they say

“I can see why everyone is excited about this intriguing book.”

- FSG Originals


“Not only does the author construct an elusive narrator and setting, she executes a cutting satire of what the future may look like. I was impressed that all of this was presented in the voice of a young, idealistic woman."



“A well rendered projection of what would happen if today’s techno-libertarians ever really had the chance to instil their values into society. Chilling and provocative.”

- Little Brown


“Such a talented and creative writer! The structure of the book is fun, fast moving, brave, and perfect for the story.”

- Simon & Schuster


“The author creates a fascinating and strangely realistic near future, drawing the reader in with surprising and imaginative features.”

- Random House